About us

Our team

All the members of our team hold Ph.D.’s in electromechanics and other fields of applied sciences. Members of our team have authored scientific publications and international patents.

Our results

Millions of motors made on our designs have been manufactured and used by major companies, such as Audi, BMW, VW, Toyota and others. 

Our designs

We found a way to incorporate experimental results into our design tools. Our designs heavily rely on experiments. 

Our mission

Every producer of electrical motors is currently forced to do his own design and development work for new series of motors. This tedious work takes a lot of time and money. Can you afford to do this design work yourself? Can you afford to wait for the results? Can you afford to use designs which are not the best? 

Our focus is fully on design and development of new series of electrical machines with advanced properties. We are good at this and we already deliver the best motor designs. But we do not stand still. We work constantly on improvement of our design tools, on introduction of new technologies, which will enable even better motors with a lower cost and with a more efficient use of materials.  Our mission is to stay the best in design of electrical machines and keep delivering the best designs to our clients. 

We develop not only classical series, but also specialized series. We could offer you a solution perfectly fitting a niche market. So, you would be able to offer the best solution for a customer with special requirements.

However, we stay away from manufacturing of electrical machines and leave it to producers. We deliver production ready designs of motors having superior properties. So producers would be able to focus more on production related tasks. 

Through our service, we intend to provide competitive advantages to our clients.