Simulation and analysis

We have developed a set of fully automated modelling tools which perfectly fit into our design tools. These tools require minimum input and deliver a solution verified with experiments. Our modelling tools are based on finite elements.

Automation in our modelling tools

Types of simulations incorporated into our modelling tools

Furthermore, we do a coupled analysis, namely:

  • electromagnetic + mechanical
  • electromagnetic + thermal
  • thermal + mechanical

We can also mix different dimensions in a single model.

Use of our modelling tools
  1. For the validation of a design tool
  2. As a part of a design tool
  3. Fine-tuning of a specific parameter set for a device

Our offer
  1. We can do validation of your designs on our available modelling tools.
  2. If you are interested in fine-tuning of a specific design, we could do an optimization sweep on any parameters you choose.
  3. We can develop a modelling tool specifically for your application.
  4. We can integrate a modelling tool into your own design routine.