FEA modelling of asynchronous machines

A general overview of our activities on simulation and design is presented here

We have developed a set of modelling tools for asynchronous motors based on FEA. We are using either a time-domain approach or a frequency domain approach. We are capable of handling all the conventional stator and rotor slots. 


Time-domain approach


This approach is used for defining the correct amount of skewing of rotor slots. If skewing is omitted, this leads to a drop of torque at high slip values. The skewing effect in rotors is taken into account with a multislice model.

Frequency domain approach

This approach includes nonlinearity of magnetic properties of the stator core and the rotor core and allows a quick and yet accurate estimation of performance characteristics of an induction motor. This is a perfect tool for conducting a quick sweep over predefined sets of parameters of induction machines.